The Hoffenheimer Sisters

Test ImageThe Hoffenheimer Sisters are an example of the unique characters that reside in Pemberville, Ohio. These two spinster sisters are long-time residents and live together in a little house not far from Beeker’s. (They do both love coffee and Adah particularly is adamant about drinking only North Coast coffee.)

They are retired music teachers and have begun in the last few years to supplement their pensions by performing a musical duo act all over the Northwest Ohio area. The Sisters have said that they feel it is their responsibility “to bring Classical music to the masses”. Even so, their popularity has increased as the word-of-mouth praises have spread among church groups, Lion’s and Elk’s Clubs, Shriners, Class Reuninons and Ladies’ Educational & Literary Clubs and, of course, Retirement Centers.
Adah and Orpha’s unique combination of Classical music and “Classical” Pop (as they like to call their 40’s numbers) has found an appreciating audience. They usually end their program with an inspirational number that has been known to bring the crowd to their feet! There is, however, a downside to these two ladies and their program in that they can’t seem to help picking on each other. Apparently, when one has lived with another as long as they have, it is an unfortunate consequence.

Test ImageOrpha has cats and dearly loves her “kitties”. Adah does not appreciate the cats. She says that the creatures dig in her plants and cause dirt to fly, forcing her to put plastic on the furniture to protect the upholstery. Orpha does NOT like the plastic, because she swears that it rips the flesh off the back of her legs in hot weather (when she sticks to it), plus it makes unladylike noises! Of course, Adah retorts that when the cats are gone, the plastic will go, too.

Also, Orpha insists that if it weren’t for Adah she would have landed a man a long time ago, so sometimes that rather sore point surfaces…especially when there are men in the audience…especially BALD men…Orpha really prefers a shiny pate. Quite naturally, Adah is sometimes embarrassed by Orpha’s overtures to gentlemen who are strangers and thus there is further tension between the two spinsters.

Surprisingly, they don’t think of themselves as spinsters, just “undiscovered treasures”. Actually though, the Sisters do put on a very entertaining program that is enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences. (However, they have found that people who get into Tractor Pulling really don’t care for their type of music. Also teenagers and people in their twenties seem to miss the value of the Hoffenheimers’ taste in music.)

Test Image
Perhaps if you are ever in the area you’ll be lucky enough to catch one of the Hoffenheimer Sisters very special musical programs. Just ask at Beekers’ General Store and Todd will point you in the right direction.

If you would like to have the Hoffenheimer Sisters perform at your gala event, contact Debby Shaffer at

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(The Hoffenheimer Sisters do really exist as entertainers. They do live in Pemberville and they do perform at all the places aforementioned. Their private lives are somewhat different however, and the specific details of their homelife are fictitious prefabricatons used by Adah and Orpha for character purposes.)

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