Want to know where to buy fresh coffee beans?  Right here with North Coast Coffee Company.

Welcome to North Coast Coffee - now in our 24th year

We do something that is different than most coffee stores. Your coffee is roasted for your order not the other way around. Why is this important? Coffee, like bread out of the oven, is best when it is freshest. Coffee that is a few days out of the roasting kettle is like bread that is a few hours out of the oven. The flavor of the coffee is remarkable.

Fresh Coffee Beans Roasted for your order

North Coast Coffee is a small family-owned coffee mail order business. Our coffee is better than 99% of any grocer's premium brand. We start with good coffee beans (as do many of the grocers), but our online coffee doesn't sit on a shelf for weeks or months like in the stores. Our goal is roast your coffee just a few days before it is shipped to you. When you open the bag the aroma is truly incredible! We generally process all orders only once a week on Mondays. Weekends are the best time to place your order.

Two Ways to Lower the cost of Your Coffee order

On a per pound basis, shipping costs are more affordable when you order 2# instead of just 1# of coffee. Depending upon your "ship to" location, typical shipping charges might be $8.75 for 1# of coffee, but only $9.50 when 2# are ordered and a total of just $9.95 when 3# of coffee are ordered. Plus, when you order 3 or more pounds - we offer a 15% discount on the cost of the coffee.

Our Online Coffee Company Service

Our online coffee company service to you is to make your life a little easier by bringing fresh coffee directly to your home or office. It can be automatic with Mike's Coffee Crew or you can order when you feel like it, that's up to you. In any case, we'll provide you with a secure Internet server, e-mail notification of your order, US Priority Mail or FedEx shipping, and helpful, friendly customer service when you need it. We will never share or sell any information regarding our customers.